My primary inspirations are rooted in the empowerment of marginalized communities through resistance of societal constructs. I’m unwaveringly committed to unpacking the intersecting influences of white supremacy—particularly racism, heterosexism, and erotophobia. My current goals include preparing humanity for the ecological revolution by providing holistic, liberatory sex ed.

Areas of Expertise & Work Experience

Self Care Sex Specialist

Brand developer of Imfuckinhappy, a bold integration of self care and mental health with sex education for young adults, facilitated in college & university settings.



  • Lead program director for Yes, PLEASE!

    • Pleasureable Liberating Experiential Adult Sexuality Education

  • Conducts adult workshops at universities across the Philadelphia region

  • Maintains all marketing and social media campaigns

CEO at ClassDos

Youth development non-profit founded to provide K-12 age students of color free access to hair services throughout Philadelphia.



  • Public stylist for students of color in the Philadelphia area

  • Coordinator for ClassDos Volunteer Barber Network (CVBN)

  • Ensures all non-profit related events and missions are implemented properly

Senior Health and Sexuality Educator

I have taught 800+ workshops to over 5,000 youth on topics related to self-esteem, gender & sexuality, reproductive anatomy, birth control, healthy relationships, consent, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex, sex & tech, and resource access for many years.



  • Program manager for Yes, PLEASE!

    • Purposeful Liberating Enjoyable Adolescent Sexuality Education

  • Facilitated classroom-based workshops for youth aged 13-24 throughout the greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware

  • Developed new marketing materials, advertisement workshops and trainings

  • Synthesized demographic data and generated daily, monthly, and quarterly reports for management and funder requirements


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