Areas of Expertise & Work Experience

Self Care Sex Specialist

Brand developer of Imfuckinhappy, a bold integration of self care and mental health with sex education for young adults, facilitated in college & university settings.



  • Lead program director for Yes, PLEASE!

    • Pleasureable Liberating Experiential Adult Sexuality Education

  • Conducts adult workshops at universities across the Philadelphia region

  • Maintains all marketing and social media campaigns

CEO at ClassDos

Youth development non-profit founded to provide K-12 age students of color free access to hair services throughout Philadelphia.



  • Public stylist for students of color in the Philadelphia area

  • Coordinator for ClassDos Volunteer Barber Network (CVBN)

  • Ensures all non-profit related events and missions are implemented properly

Senior Health and Sexuality Educator

I have taught 800+ workshops to over 5,000 youth on topics related to self-esteem, gender & sexuality, reproductive anatomy, birth control, healthy relationships, consent, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex, sex & tech, and resource access for many years.



  • Program manager for Yes, PLEASE!

    • Purposeful Liberating Enjoyable Adolescent Sexuality Education

  • Facilitated classroom-based workshops for youth aged 13-24 throughout the greater Philadelphia area, as well as New Jersey and Delaware

  • Developed new marketing materials, advertisement workshops and trainings

  • Synthesized demographic data and generated daily, monthly, and quarterly reports for management and funder requirements


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